“You don’t have to sell on price and convenience alone. You can grow your business without stocking the broadest range of products in a 3-county radius. The secret is in finding the right voice for your shop, because that voice is what creates a strong connection between your customers and your business. Grapeseed helps you find that voice – and amplify it.”

Photo: http://www.visitthecatskills.com/
The Catskills might seem an odd place for a business focused on wine to trace its roots to, but that’s where we got our start. Sort of. At least, that’s where we realized the importance of creating an emotional connection with your customers.

We’re not talking about the kitchsy, 1950s era Borscht Belt Catskills of Dirty Dancing fame. No, we found ourselves deep in the simple, rural beauty you can still find in the northwest corner of the Catskills. Simple and rural as in, not a lot of night life and not a lot of restaurants.

So we learned to cook. We had a little house with a big kitchen and weekends usually meant a big crowd of family or friends. It also meant wine to go along with our not-always-successful kitchen experiments.

That meant seeking out interesting, affordable wines. Along the way we found some interesting, approachable characters running those wine shops. They were the inspiration for Grapeseed.

Their personalities and their ability to know us well enough to make great wine recommendations made us realize that wine doesn’t have to be about what’s hot, what’s sexy or what’s scored well on someone’s 100-point scale. We never even thought about whether we could get it for a dollar a bottle less down the road. That’s not what it was about. It was about what fit our tastes and our gathering and our menu.

That personality – that voice – sells more wine for small shops than any other approach. It works because it builds the kind of loyalty that people rave about to their friends.

Helping our friends generate those raves is what Grapeseed is all about. We hope you’ll join us. We’ll help you sell more wine. And we’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

Laura & Andy