Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about how Grapeseed Marketing's programs work and how you can put them to use.

Email Newsletter

Who Owns My Mailing List?

You do! Always and forever. We manage it and administer it for you, but you’re always free to leave us and take your subscribers with you.

How Do I Add People To My Mailing List?

We provide a form for you to submit names you’ve gathered at events and in your store.

How Do I Let People Unsubscribe?

People can manage their own subscriptions, but if they ask you to remove them, you can submit their names to us and we’ll take care of it for you.


Can I Sell Wine Online

We are considering offering ecommerce sales in the future, so if selling online interests you, please let us know. For most independent wine retailers, ecommerce makes less sense than content marketing and a strong local presence. Not sure that sounds right? Reach out to us and we’ll explain why.

Grapeseed Marketing Tastings - Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Am I free to use the content I get in Tastings?

You may use the content we provide in Tastings as the inspiration for your own content, but using it word for word will hurt your site’s marketing effectiveness. It will also hurt our site’s marketing effectiveness, so we’ll sic a large pack of small yappy dogs to remind you not to simply copy and paste content. We do provide custom content writing services. Email us and we’ll set up a consultation with you to discuss your needs and pricing.

Why Is That?

Because the search engines reward original content and ignore or penalize duplicate content. If your address, phone number and hours are the same on every page of your site, the search engines know to ignore that in terms of search rankings. If your site simply duplicates content from other sites, your site will be penalized. It may seem like a great shortcut, but it does not work long-term. We do provide custom content writing services. Email us to schedule a call.

Pricing, Contracts, Other Stuff That Makes Lawyers Smile

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Yes. You’re free to leave whenever you’d like. We’d love to know why so we can keep improving our service, but even that’s optional.

How Long Is My Contract?

There are no contracts for any of Grapeseed Marketing’s standard plans. (If you want a custom package, we may ask for a commitment, but that’s rare.)

Do You Offer Discounts?

We offer the same low pricing to everyone, everyday. No need to scour the intertubes for “Grapeseed coupon code” or anything like that.

Can I Change My Plan?

Yes. Any time you’d like.

Are Custom Plans Available?

Yes. Email us to set up a consultation call.

Did You Say My Pricing is Guaranteed FOREVER?

We did. Sign up now and we will be guaranteed their pricing for as long as you remain a member. You can even change plans, and we’ll give you the locked-in pricing for that plan, too. We want to reward the folks who jumped on board with us early.

Recipes and Wine Pairings

Where Do You Get Recipes & Wine Pairings?

These are a combination of our favorites and recipes and pairings from elsewhere on the interwebs. We provide links and attribution to the copyright holders and offer these to you under the same conditions. You may not re-publish these as your own, and should link back to the original source.


Will You Get Me Onto the First Page of Google?

Yes. Or no. If that sounds confusing, welcome to the world of SEO. Most discussions about the value of SEO and the likely return you’ll see on an SEO investment can be confusing. Here’s why and here’s what Grapeseed Marketing does to untangle the confusion.

You will be on the front page of major search engines when someone types in your shop’s name or domain name. Your website will be SEO-friendly. It will include tools that make it easy to add appropriate keywords and other meta data to each page of your site. More importantly, your website will be easy to update. It’s content that drives SEO success far more than behind-the-scenes tricks like meta data. 

What if you want to appear on the front page for other search terms? There is one more very important term you want to rank for. We’ll help you own that term, too, but it involves more than your website. (Want to learn more? Become a member!)

Beyond that, there may not be enough return to justify the investment you need to make in a broad-reaching SEO plan. Part of the value you bring in our regular tips and library of marketing materials are the tools you need to determine whether SEO or social media or direct mail are a good fit for your business and your audience. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works for everyone. We help you sort through the options.

Website FAQs

Can I Update My Own Website?

Yes, of course. We insist, even! Fresh content served regularly is at the very heart of online marketing success, so it’s important to us that updating your site is as easy for you as surfing the web or sending an email. All of Grapeseed’s sites are built with WordPress, one of the most widely used – and most user-friendly – website platforms out there. You’re gonna love it.

What About My Domain Name?

We recommend that you register your domain name with one of the popular registrars. We can help you with this, but recommend you do it yourself because this is so central to your online identity, you want to be sure to have complete control. That’s easiest if the domain is in your name, on your credit card and associated with your email. Once the domain name is set up, we set it to point to your new site or we can give you instructions on doing it yourself. It’s entirely up to you.

Is There a Setup Fee?

There is no setup fee. Enroll as a member and we’ll start the site-building process immediately.

Do I Pay For the Site Before It Launches?

Maybe. The first 30 days are free. We typically have your site up and running in two weeks or less. If you delay in getting us the info we need to build and launch the site, it can take longer. We’ll poke you to keep you moving along, but we can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, now can we?

Who Owns My Website Content?

You do! Always and forever. We build the site for you and can help you maintain it. (As an option.) You are always free to take the content you’ve developed for the site and move it to another provider. (We do charge a fee for the work involved in transferring site structure, etc.)

Wine Clubs

Why Wine Clubs?

Wine clubs are a great way to introduce customers to new wines they may love and a great way to get them into your shop on a regular basis to pick up their monthly order.