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Member-Only Articles Samples

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Here’s a sampling of the information you’ll have at your fingertips in your inbox and in the Articles library on our website.

Industry News Sample

Rosé On The Rise

The Provence Wine Council reports that U.S. imports of rosés from Provence increased by 41% last year. That’s good information to have as the weather turns warmer. Rosés are a great quaffable choice for warm summer evenings and casual gatherings, and are priced … (Join now to read more!)

Business Tips Sample

Point of Sale Systems

If you’re still using a cash register and credit card swipe machine – or a pencil and a green eyeshade – you may want to consider an upgrade. There are more PoS system options than ever before, and they options have all gotten less expensive even as they’ve become more powerful.

Here are some reasons to consider the added expense, and some ways to determine which system will provide the best return for your shop. The first thing to consider … (Join now to read more!)

Marketing Ideas Sample

What’s Content Marketing and How Can It Work For Me?

Many business owners have never even heard of content marketing, so how can it be so important? Well, you may not have heard of it, but you’ve probably heard of social media and social networking. And you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEO and SEM.) Those must be more important than content marketing, right?


Content marketing is important, because content is what drives successful social media and SEO efforts. You can’t Tweet about what you had for breakfast and expect customers to come streaming through your doors. They don’t care.

And you can’t send an email telling people how great your shop is. Because they don’t care.

But if you update your Facebook page with info on the great new wine you’re featuring – a wine they can’t get at the big box retailer – and you’ll catch their attention.

Perhaps something like this:

1st panel: bottle of yellow tail and the caption, “If You Like This …”
2nd panel: a better bottle at the same price – “You’ll Love This!”
“Step away from the ordinary. Try some new wines that will excite you again – and complement what you’re serving.”

That’s content, and that will get people jingling the bells hanging on your door. Let’s explore … (Join now to read more!)

“What They’re Reading” Sample

What They’re Reading: Bon Appétit June 2012, Wine Spectator 6/15/12

Bon Appétit June 2012
Stock up on hot weather thirst quenchers.

The cover package is “60 Summer Recipes” but the magazine starts things off with coverage of Bon App’s website’s piece on Summer wines. “Rosé is tailor made to pair with food just off the grill …”

A piece on Scandinavian open-face sandwiches includes an aquavit (or vodka)-based spritzer and recommendations for adding rosés and sparklers to your arsenal. We recommend stocking low alcohol versions that folks can enjoy earlier in the day.

Wine Spectator June 30, 2012

Cover stories this issue are The Allure of Burgundy, including a look at “Values Off The Beaten Path,” a “first look” at 2011 Bordeaux, and “Elegant Zinfandel.”

The most interesting news in the issue, though, comes from the GrapeVine piece at the front of the magazine outlining … (Join now to read more!)

Food & Wine Paring Sample

Red Wine and Tuna

Forget what the wine police may tell you. Fish and red wine can work wonderfully together. Here’s an perfect example. First, the recipe: we’ve found this tuna with a red wine sauce to be surprisingly flavorful given how easy it is to prepare … and you can prepare it – and pair it – with anything from big California-style Cabs to Italian reds. My first choice though, as it so frequently is, would be a Cabernet Franc-based wine from … (Join now to read more!)