How It Works

We know how effective marketing helps independent wine shops sell more wine and how you can increase your profits. We've put together an easy-to-use solution built around these proven concepts.

  1. Engaging Your Clients
  2. Establishing Your Expertise

Notice we aren’t talking about world domination and selling wine to 98% of the people within a 4,000-mile radius of your shop. That’s just not realistic. Ignore the search engine optimization “experts” who claim otherwise.

Our claims may be more modest, but they’re realistic, they’re achievable, and they will improve your business.

Think about this: what would the impact be on your business if the following three things were true?

  1. My best customers visit my shop one extra time per month.
  2. My best customers are so thrilled with us that they tell their friends.
  3. My best customers and even occasional customers view me as THE place for great advice and that bottle for a special occasion.

Helping you create that relationship with your customers is our goal. And it’s possible with a great website and a steady stream of great content.

That’s why the heart of Grapeseed’s work is providing you with great content. Ideas for wine clubs, interesting food & wine pairings and the recipes to make great meals. In short, the stuff that makes wine fun for people and makes it easy for wine to become more a part of their everyday lives. When people weave wine into the fabric of their lives, you sell more wine.

As your audience becomes more passionate about wine – both existing customers and passionate wine drinkers who begin to seek you out over the competition – your per sale average rises as does your store traffic.

As your client base becomes more energized, they naturally tell others about their great experience. Your customer base grows.

And you even become a stronger draw for marginal customers – the customers who really won’t shop with you regularly because some other shop is more conveniently located for them, or has better parking, or their sister-in-law’s cousin’s friend works there part time.

They still won’t make you a regular part of their routine, but as you build a body of great content – and an enormously satisfied clientele – they will come to you for that special-occasion wine. So even if you can’t convert them to regular customers, there’s nothing wrong with capturing sales that in the past you would never have gotten. (Especially if those “special occasion”┬ásales are likely to be wines at a higher price point.)

That’s the power of a great marketing. And that’s what Grapeseed provides for you.

You don’t need to know design or coding or anything about search engines. You don’t need to worry about ecommerce or email marketing.

Best of all, you don’t have to write – or pay for advertising. You don’t have to write at all. We can create blog posts and email newsletters and other marketing materials for you. And we help you find great ways to get the word out.

Grapeseed goes beyond that, though. Part of our program is giving you great information you can use in your shop. Like hiring advice, what to look for in an accountant. Merchandising information. We’re a marketing department and business advisor rolled up into one, neat, very affordably priced package.

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