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Top 5 Reasons To Love “Top 5 Lists”

April 3rd, 2013

People Love Lists, especially Top 10 or Top 5 lists. So give ’em what they want. [level-members]

  1. You can use lists in any marketing you do, from email newsletters to post cards to blog posts, and you can post them in your shop. (With some provisos. See below.)
  2. You can build a weekly tastings around a list – Top 5 Turkey Day Reds, for example, or 5 Favorite Pizza Wines.
  3. You can use lists to promote wines in the shop. Make the lists as specific as possible so you don’t undermine a customer’s confidence in other wines from the same category. (If you’ve got 4 California Cabernets in the shop and you post your top 3, think you’ll sell any of the orphan?)
  4. You can tie your lists into sales opportunities: Top summer quaffs, favorite pizza wines, wines for sipping under the stars, and so on depending on the season and upcoming events.
  5. And remember that this is marketing, not grammar. It pains me to write “Top 5” instead of “Top Five” – that’s just not how we were taught – but the numerals grab attention better.