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What They’re Reading This Week – Wine Spectator of May 31, 2013

April 11th, 2013

The cover: sushi and sparklers.

First, the letters. There’s some interesting discussion of an online article by Harvey Steiman about In Pursuit of Balance, (subscription required) a California-based group of winemakers in favor of wines with low alcohol and high acidity.[level-members] (Very much not your typical California-style wine.) We’re strongly in favor of this kind of winemaking, though we realize we’re bucking the tide. California wines sell in large part because they are “unbalanced.” at least by IPOB’s estimation.

Perhaps the least important news of the issue: Brangelina – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have released a rosé from the estate in Provence. Château Miraval scores a 90 from WS. It’s about $30 a bottle.

If you’re looking for more evidence to convince your customers they should be drinking more wine, yet another study touts the health benefits of a “Mediterranean” diet which, of course, includes wine. This one is in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. Not surprisingly, the study comes with a host of caveats. Our advice: eat and drink what you enjoy, do it in moderation, get some exercise, laugh every day. 

The Spirits column is focused on tequila, so you may want to stock up. Brands mentioned: Don Julio blanco, maestro Dobel, and Milagro Silver.

The sushi article is among the longest and most in-depth articles we’ve seen in WS. Everything from the ABCs (a glossary) to a guide to sustainability. On the “what to drink” front, we have green tea, beer, sake, as well as lighter Champagnes and other sparklers, and light whites.

German Rieslings get the big package treatment. “A Golden Age for German Rieslings.” Many top values above the magical 90-point mark. All are below $30, many are below $20.

Similarly, Chile is showcased as a region experiencing steady growth over the past half-dozen vintages. Fewer top scoring top values, but still a nice selection of 88 to 91 point wines at affordable prices.[/level-members]