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Bordeaux Futures Priced Sanely?

April 22nd, 2013

The question going into the Bordeaux futures season was whether demand from China would push prices higher – again … or if last year’s slow start would temper expectations – and pricing – from Bordeaux properties? [level-members]

Early indications seem to point to some restraint. You won’t find the first-growth bottlings in the remainder bin, but prices are down from last year, in some cases by as much as 30%.

The still-weak global economy certainly contributes to that, but so too does the general feeling that the 2012 wines are not (yet another) “vintage of the century.”

Still, this may be another year where consumers might be better off buying “wine in bottles now” rather than investing in pre-release wines.

How do you handle Bordeaux futures – pick up what you can and sell through? Or do you stick to ordering only for customers who express interest in particular releases? [/level-members]