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Weekend Food & Wine Pairing: Lamb with Carrots, Feta and Mint

May 17th, 2013

According to the calendar, it’s a little late in the year to be talking about spring lamb, but it sure feels like early spring out there today. Glorious, beautiful early spring. Here’s a lamb recipe and some thoughts on wines that will pair well with it. [level-members]

Our recipe this week comes from the fine folks at Bon Appetit. Their Lamb Skewers with Carrots, Feta and Mint is a really delicious way to enjoy a crisp spring (or spring-like) night with a hearty but  not heavy meal.

Two notes: it’s defintely worthwhile to let the marinade chill overnight. And you might consider substituting red wine for the white in the marinade.

Some pairing options: Sangiovese makes a nice partner for a lamb dish like this. Red Languedoc wines should be on your short list, too. As should Nebbiolo-based wines, Zinfandels (which work nicely with some much grilled food), and of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t recommend something from the Loire. How about a Chinon?