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What They’re Reading – Bon Appetit, June 2013

May 23rd, 2013

Bon Appétit’s cover this month says “It’s Summer!” and features articles on incorporating greens into all kinds of dishes, strawberries, and updating the classic BLT.

First, the front-of-the-book features. [level-members]

In the “could you get me that recipe” section is a cilantro Martini. Fresh cilantro and lime juice go into the making of cilantro/lime infused gin.

There’s a quick feature on iced tea, a summer drink if ever there was one. Mostly they’re alcohol-free, but there is a recipe for a vodka and tea combination.

The “Picnic in Provence” centers on roast chicken, with a suggestion of a Provençal rosé as a good accompaniment.

The Persian article includes a “Persian kir royale,” though we don’t imagine too many folks are going to puree, strain, boil and cool a jar of sour cherries just to get a drink.

Cold Asian noodle dishes call out for crisp white wines.

And lots of great ideas in the greens section. We can think of no better use for fresh tarragon than muddling to make Tarragon-Gin Lemonade. [/level-members]