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Keys to Facebook Success for Wine Retailers

June 5th, 2013

Putting a lot into Facebook and not getting a lot out? There’s more to Facebook than simply posting updates. Here are a few tips for posting smarter. [level-members]

First, know that not all content is equal. Content with images or videos attached are given greater weight by the powers that be at Facebook. (And that’s actually the case for web content in general.) Include an image or video in as many of your posts as you can.

Also be sure to encourage engagement. Facebook rewards posts that see more activity, so write posts with a call to action of some kind. Instead of, “wine tasting this afternoon – wines for summer grilling” your post might be along the lines of, “Burgers and dogs on the grill? Nothing wrong with that. But we can do better. Tell us your favorite grilled summer meals and join us for a tasting on Friday of great wines to go with any grilling adventure.”

Every comment, like, etc. extends your reach by adding your post into another person’s timeline, getting you in front of their network of friends.

And don’t forget to factor in timing. Social media posts aren’t billboards by the side of the road on display for months at a time. They’re much more fleeting. So you may feel virtuous waking up at 5am to get your social media “stuff” out of the way before you day gets rolling, but don’t shoot yourself in the foot by posting at a time when few of your fans will see it. Experimentation is worth the effort. Know when your connections are most active.