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What They’re Reading – California Wines’ Range of Styles

June 20th, 2013

For many people for many years, California wines meant one thing: cabs were huge, chardonnay was oaky, zinfandels were all power all the time. That’s not so true anymore. (If it ever was …) [level-members]

We’re back to The New York Times again this week – I know, ironic to be repeating a source in an article about variety …) – for a discussion of California wines that swim against the tide of conformity.

Yes, there have always been exceptions to the predominant California style for each of the major varietals, but now there seem to be more exceptions than ever before, and more really good wines among them. Among the producers noted in the article are Bedrock Wine Company (both for their zins and a ros̩), Broc Cellars (for zins, Rhones, and Рmmmm Рa cab franc), Donkey & Goat (more Rhones), Massican and Matthiasson.

These are wines worth seeking out since they run a range of price points and should appeal to the kinds of wine lovers you want to attract – those looking for something a little off the beaten path.