The Grapevine

Marketing Beyond Your Own Website and Email

July 3rd, 2013

Having a great website and an active email list that you update regularly with interesting food and wine related information isn’t enough. What else do you need to succeed? [level-members]

You need to get the word out. Preaching the choir might feel good, but expanding your audience is where the action is. Social media should certainly be part of that equation – when your friends and fans interact with you, their friends and fans notice, and they might become your fans.

Here’s another way: other outlets. If you can get other website, bloggers, or publications to highlight your tastings, events or special offers, you’re miles ahead of advertising in terms of exposure and impact. Implied by the mention is that an authority figure of some kind is endorsing you just by deeming you worthy of mention. In other words, it matters to the audience that you didn’t pay to get the exposure.

Here’s a site you might consider for this kind of content marketing: Local Wine Events.