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What They’re Reading – Bon Appetit Grilling Issue July 2013

July 4th, 2013

Happy 4th, everybody!

It’s Bon Appetit’s grilling issue, and the cover breathlessly proclaims that we’ll been serving up crisp, juicy chicken – and that we’ll never grill steak the same way again! [level-members]

The issue’s front features include a section on kid-friendly meals, with recipes for pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella, crispy fish sticks, and turkey-spinach sliders. Don’t forget the blueberry hand pies!

And the grilling section really does offer a great bunch of chicken grilling ideas, from spicy to more traditional. Have those whites and rosés ready!

The Hawaiian cookout starring Jack Johnson seems more beer-friendly than anything else, but they offer daiquiri and whiskey Collins recipes to go with. Any day is a good day for rum.

And let’s not forget the big piece on rosés! They even explain how rosés are properly made. (Mixing red wine with white to make pink ain’t it …) Other info your BA-reading customers will be armed with include the idea that rosés drink best young, and that there are very good rosés available from Spain, Italy, Champagne, California and, our favorite, Provence.

As for never grilling steak the same way again, the secret apparently is a piece of slate. Enjoy your cookout!