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What They’re Reading – Saveur 100

July 11th, 2013

This month is the Saveur 100, so there are a wide range of articles and recipes. Here’s what your Saveur-reading fans may be thinking about. [level-members]

They may be looking for anything from the Mondavi family after reading the Robert Mondavi piece. Or they may be looking for something to mix with grapefruit soda if they’ve read the piece on San Pellegrino Pompelmo. (We prefer the lemon soda …)

There’s an article on pizza, specifically Pizza con Stracciatella di Burrata from Eataly that might have folks reaching for Italian reds, high and low. (In our house, “pizza wine” is not a bad thing.)

I can’t say I’ve ever thought about wines to accompany dishes with bay leaves are the dominant flavor, but I might have to after reading the small bit on California bay and how it differs from Mediterranean bay.

There’s a nice piece on brie and Istanbul’s best coffee shop.

And if your clients have revisited the Bordeaux Deals article from January 24, 2013, they’ll be looking for  Château Saint-André Corbin ($21), Petit Manou ($19), Château Picque Caillou ($27), Château Pomeys ($21), or Château Jouanin ($13). (Prices are those listed in the article.)