The Grapevine

Food and Wine Pairing – Wine and Chocolate

July 12th, 2013

Something a little different today: wine and chocolate. [level-members]

We recently attended a wine and chocolate tasting. The focus was on the chocolate, with wine as the accompaniment. A flight of wines was set for each taster. They included two white sparklers, a light pinot, a heavier win, a sherry, and a port.

We were then provided with chocolate tasters from different regions and with different percentages of cacao.

As we moved from one kind of chocolate to another, tasting each with each of the wines in turn, it was fascinating how different the chocolates tasted from one another and how the various wine and chocolate pairings worked – or didn’t.

If you have a chocolatier in your area, seek him or her out for a joint tasting – and perhaps offer tastings for parties, corporate events, etc. We’re seeing more and more of this and having now experienced it ourselves firsthand, I can see why. It’s a lot of fun, for foodies and wine drinkers alike. [/level-members]