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What They’re Reading – Bon Appétit August 2013, Rosés in The New York Times

July 25th, 2013

This week, we have the August issue of Bon Appétit, which is their “coolest summer issue ever.” The cover includes easier-than-you’d think homemade ice cream, the ultimate grilled burger bar, America’s vegetable revolution, and a dream beach picnic.

Also, rosés in the New York Times. [level-members]

In the recipe-request column is a Peach Julep from Memphis. If you have customers industrious enough to make simple syrup (a ginger version, in this case), they may be asking for some bourbon to go along with.

Drew Barrymore, the actress, has launched Barrymore Wines. Currently, it’s limited to a Pinot Grigio bottling.

The Drink column this month focuses on the summer-iest of summer cocktails, the G&T. Tanqueray is called for if you’re going “classic;” Hendricks is your best bet if you’re trying their “new standard.” (Which includes lemon zest, lemon verbena leaf, and juniper berries.)

There’s an update on the beloved burgers-and-dogs cookout, dressed up with interesting sides and condiments. (Homemade relish, kimchi sauce.) Even more grown-up yet family friendly is the “feast on the beach.” Chilled corn soup with lobster salad, grilled harissa shrimp, quinoa salad with peaches and pickled onions, green beans and feta. Sounds almost as good as the beach looks … and begging for crisp whites or light bodied reds.

But even if you have teetotalers to take into consideration, Bon App has you covered. Six non-alcoholic quenchers from Chai Blossoms (chai tea and lime juice) to a PG-13 Singapore Sling. (Pomegranate, mango, pineapple and lime juices topped with tonic and mint sprigs.)

From the Times, the question is, are rosés purely “a consumer marketing product?” as one beverage director/restaurant owner proclaims? Hardly seems that way to me, but rosé is quickly becoming the new merlot, getting no respect at all. Doesn’t seem that long ago that rosé shed its negative baggage in the minds of consumers. Now the backlash has begun as the wine world has gone from trying to convince consumers to try them to now being tired of hearing their requests for them. I’ll live this one to the psychiatrists to sort out.[/level-members]