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Wine Retailer Shipping Regulations

July 30th, 2013

Even as the number of states permitting direct-to-consumer shipments from wineries grows, the picture looks less promising for retailers interested in shipping out of state. [level-members]

The folks at ShipCompliantBlog, a site focused on the ins and outs of shipping in the wine industry, has put together a handy-dandy reference for retailers interested in shipping to consumers outside their own state’s borders.

WARNING: We’re not lawyers and cannot provide legal advise or guidance. Consult a lawyer versed in these matters before shipping any wine.

As you’ll see, there are a range of overlapping regulations, including customer volume limits, permitting requirements, and even consent of the producer involved.

For most of us, this doesn’t come up too often, but it’s nice to have a reference for the odd occasions that a traveler or the relative of a regular asks you to ship home a case of your finest.