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What They’re Reading – Alcohol Levels in Wines

August 15th, 2013

This week, a discussion of the alcohol levels in wines. Here’s why it’s worth discussing with your customers. [level-members]

Summertime, and the living is easy. So should the drinking be, as we’re more likely in the summer to perhaps enjoy a chilled white or rosè outdoors while the sun is still shining.

But there are a great many wines out there now, both reds and whites, that are relatively high in alcohol. They’re not as high as spirits, of course, but they are high enough that people sometimes don’t enjoy themselves as much as they might. (Sounds hard to believe – more alcohol means more drunkenness, right?)

Well, yes. But not everyone drinks to achieve a state of drunkenness. Let me rephrase that. Most people who aren’t 19-year-old fraternity members don’t drink to get drunk. So at this time of year especially, it’s worth having the discussion with clients, particularly if you can probe deep enough to find out when and where they’ll be enjoying the bottles they’ve picked out.

Alcohol isn’t a bad thing in wine, and high-alcohol wines aren’t the evil that some would have us believe. But there is a time and place for different kinds of wines, and I’d argue that a lazy summer afternoon is not the place for anything but a wine that matches the mood.