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What They’re Reading – Bon Appétit September 2013

August 22nd, 2013

It’s the restaurant issue this month in Bon App. Here’s what your clients may be clamoring for once they’ve read it. [level-members]

The Wine Insider column features sherry, the no longer dowdy drink of the moment. (FYI, sherry is wine fortified with brandy.)

I have to admit to not being hip enough (or, thankfully, dowdy enough) to have firsthand sherry knowledge, but apparently it’s quite food-friendly. Combine that with sherry’s budget-friendly nature, and it’s no wonder it’s seeing a resurgence. Fino and Manzanilla are recommended for seafood pairings. Oloroso for heavier fare and cheeses. Pedro Ximénez is recommended for a drizzle over ice cream. For the hipsters, cocktail recipes abound.

The restaurant package may have people pining for a meal out, but there’s not much to entice anyone to cook at home. But, boy, there are a lot of great restaurants out there. Time to fire up the Winnebago – or Airstream – and eat your way across the country.