The Grapevine

More Local Marketing Tips for Wine Retailers

September 4th, 2013

Last week, we talked about the importance of digital marketing even for smaller, local retail businesses. Here’s a great follow up to that piece that we came across this past week on MarketingProfs, a fantastic website for small business marketing. [level-members]

The full article is worth the read, but here’s a bullet-point list of the important takeaways:

  • Digital marketing helps level the playing field for small businesses fighting larger competitors
  • Targeting, which digital makes possible at an affordable level, can reduce waste and increase your ROI on a campaign by lowering the cost per lead.
  • Digital lowers risk – if it’s not working you can adjust on the fly
  • You can repurpose existing direct mail or other materials to lower costs even further.

Ignoring online marketing leaves too much on the table. Given the ease and low cost or getting started, there’s no reason not to test digital marketing against what you’re doing now. We’ll offer some tips for getting started next week.