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Is There An iPad in Your Wine Shop’s Future?

September 24th, 2013

Would an iPad or two in your shop improve the retail experience of your customers? Nordstrom’s seems to think it would in their stores. Let’s see why. [level-members]

Nordstrom’s, the high-end department store is considering providing iPads in their dressing rooms to allow customers to immediately access product information – sizes, colors, availability, etc.

The move, not yet finalized, is an attempt to connect with the so-called “digital natives” of the younger generations. These are the consumers who haven’t had to learn technology as a second language because they’ve grow up immersed in it. It’s their native tongue.

One feature being considered is a mobile shopping app. This would allow consumers to make selections at home and have them waiting in-store to be tried on.

This is an interesting area for a lot of independent wine shops. We thrive on – and GSM fully supports the idea of – highly personalized service. The goal is precisely NOT to create more distance between the customer and the insights you can give him or her personally that a computerized “wine finder” cannot.

That being said, making the shopping experience more interesting, more entertaining, and more convenient for your customers is about as big a no-brainer as I can imagine for any retailer, big or small.