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Food and Wine Pairings – Tailgating

October 4th, 2013

Since we published a bunch of recipes from Fine Cooking’s tailgating feature yesterday, let’s talk about some wines that might work with that mess o’ food. [level-members]

It was a pretty broad range of stuff, from veggie fare to steak sandwiches and brats. No wine is going to go with all of it. But then, variety is the spice of life.

Speaking on spice, that may be what you want to focus on here, since spice is pretty common when it comes to tailgating food.

Whites are probably an easier fit when it comes to spice, but most whites aren’t going to stand up to the weight and heft of these foods. Forget delicate. You need big and brawny. And though that’s not how I would usually describe oaky, buttery chardonnays, they may be your best choice for whites.

On the red side of things, you’re still fighting against the food on some of these dishes. Our go-to wine for this kind of situation is a really great zin. You may have to spend a bit more to find something that works and has a bit lower alcohol content, but if you’re committed to steering clear of the keg, zinfandel just might be your best wine option.