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What Your Wine Shop Customers Are Reading – Vinography’s Essence of Wine and More

January 2nd, 2014

Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s a bit of catch-up on the info and articles your customers may be reading – or catching up on themselves! [level-members]

Essence of Wine from Vinography
First, I’m shocked that after all this time, we’ve overlooked Alder Yarrow’s “Essence of Wine” series on the Vinography website.

This is definitely something you should turn your best customers on to – and be up on yourself. It’s accessible and informative.

Kurniawan Convicted
Those in-the-know clients, and those who collect, probably are aware of the Rudy Kurniawan trial and the fact that he has been convicted. Here’s one story, but do a web search for dozens more. Or hundreds if you’re really that fascinated.

Oregon Pinots
Finally, here’s a piece from just before the holidays on Oregon Pinots from the New York Times that is sure to get the attention of some of your pinot and Burgundy-loving customers.