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Wine Industry News: Direct Shipment Continues to Gr

February 24th, 2014

According to the fine folks at ShipCompliant, 2013 saw a 9.3% increase in direct-to-consumer shipping in the US. That’s 3.47 million cases of wine with a retail value of $1.57 billion dollars. That’s a lot of wine NOT being sold in local wine shops like yours. Are you combatting this? [level-members] You’re especially likely to […]

Food and Wine Pairing: Short-Rib Pot Pies and Big Re

February 21st, 2014

We’re suckers for a great pot-pie, and Bon Appétit’s cover story – we’ll go through the issue completely next Thursday – was too good to pass up. [level-members] Here’s the recipe.  And for companion wines, it’s tough to go wrong with anything big and red. The recipe actually calls for 2 cups of dry red wine, […]

What Your Wine Shop Customers are Reading: WS 3/31/

February 20th, 2014

This time around in WS, it’s Bordeaux time, with cover stories on “The Lady of Mouton” and 200 wines from the 2011 vintage rated at 90+. [level-members] First, the front of the book. I really fascinating chart lays out the connection between what you drink and how you vote. It’s really interesting stuff. Those most […]

Increase Wine Shop Profits: Know What Drives Your Busine

February 19th, 2014

Do you know what drives your business? I read an article this morning from the fine folks at entitled, “Do You Know What Your Key Business Drivers Are?” and while much of what a restaurant relies on to drive its business doesn’t apply to retail wine shops, there are important business drivers for every […]

Retail Wine Industry News: California’s Bumper Crop of Wine Grap

February 17th, 2014

There’s nice news out of California for wine lovers and wine businesses: the state is experiencing a record wine grape harvest. According to figures released by California’s Food & Agriculture Dept, the total harvest is up about 5% over the previous year. [level-members] Erica Moyer of Riverbank, a grape and wine broker for Turrentine Brokerage […]

Food & Wine Pairings: White Wines for Winter Foo

February 14th, 2014

If you’re living anywhere from Atlanta to New York right now, you’re buried – again – underneath a sizable “snow event.” It’s been a tough winter, even in places that don’t usually do “tough” on the short-day side of the calendar. Here are some ideas for customers who may be in the mood for a little […]

What Your Wine Shop Clients Are Reading: Hawk Wakawaka Sparkler Revi

February 13th, 2014

Specifically, value bubbles from Limoux. [level-members] Earlier this week, Hawk Wakawaka reviewed the sparking wines of Limoux as an “under-celebrated … source of value sparkling wines.” Legend has it that Dom Perignon, he of Champagne fame, first practiced his winemaking methods in Limoux before heading north to Champagne. Among the wines reviewed are Domaine Collin, […]

Establishing Value and Defending Your Wine Pric

February 12th, 2014

When a customer asks you why a wine is worth the price, or what makes a $25 worth more than a $10 bottle but less than a $200 bottle, what do you say? Having a good answer – an answer you believe in – is important for your ability to market effectively. Here’s why. [level-members] First […]

Retail Wine Business News: Whiskey’s Continued Grow

February 10th, 2014

Some interesting coverage from Business Insider based on Suntory’s recent purchase of Beam. [level-members] What does the Japanese giant’s acquisition of a company whose best assets include Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark? For one, there is “a major appetite for American whiskey these days.” Exports are huge and typically American categories like bourbon and rye […]

Food and Wine Pairing: Wine and Bea

February 7th, 2014

Wine and beans may not be as popular a pairing as peanut butter and jelly, but perhaps it should be! [level-members] Gregory Dal Piaz has a really great post recently on hearty bean dishes and some great wine accompaniments. Among his recommendations are Sausage with White Beans and Tomato Sauce, which he recommends pairing with […]