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What Your Wine Shop Customers Are Reading – June 26, 2014

June 26th, 2014

This week, we have the summer issue of Bon Appetit. Grilled steak, fried chicken and cherry pie lead the way.


First, the front of the book: things get off to a humorous – and fairly accurate – start when BA quotes an online critic who posted on Facebook, “How to create a @bonappetit recipe: just add za’atar and/or aleppo pepper and top with Maldon sea salt. DONE!” Funny stuff. Though to be fair, In spite of being overly fussy sometimes, BA is still a lot more down to earth than some of its competitors …

A nod to the World Cup includes links from the around the world. Links as in wieners, brats, and sausages. Mmm.

Not much says summer more than fresh berries. They’re great right out of your hand. Or you can add a bit of heavy cream and some maple syrup for added decadence.

Remember what I said about BA being a little less fussy? I take it back. The “A Day at the  …” beach article suggests a $265 beach tote and a $245 folding deck chair. Thanks, but I’ll hit the hardware store for $20 versions of each.

On the cocktail front, coffee cocktails get the treatment. You may have customers looking for stout, Irish whiskey, or Grand Marnier.

Steak tacos are on the menu, as are scallops with hazelnuts and sun gold tomatoes in the “lightning fast dinners” article. Whites, roses, and lighter reds are the order of the day.

Folks reading the Barcelona article may pine for a “gin tónica,” so having some good gin at hand makes sense.