The Grapevine

A Fun Way to Educate Your Wine Shop Customers

November 19th, 2014

The more your wine shop customers know, the more comfortable they’ll be talking about wine. And the more comfortable they are, the more they’ll enjoy drinking wine. And the more wine they drink, the more wine they’ll buy. [level-members]

It’s not secret that we’re in favor of educating your customers and becoming known as a shop that takes the time to help guide people on their own personal wine journeys. It’s not a complicated equation: if you help feed a person’s passion, that person craves more …

There are all sorts of ways you can pique interest, but rarely have we found one more fun than this: scratch ‘n sniff. Richard Betts released a book last year entitled, The Essential Scratch &¬†Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert. Right from the start we new we’d like this book: the cover announces that “wine is a grocery, not a luxury.”

This is a really fun, very not-intimidating way to get wine shop customers to think about what they like in wines and what they don’t. It’s a simplified version of more serious wine training, which means it lacks nuance in some areas, but simplification is kind of the point here.

This is a great book to have lying around the shop, or even offered for sale if that’s permitted in your state. There’s a complete review here and the book is available on (Or your local bookseller. Local business should support local business …)