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What Your Wine Shop Clients Are Reading – Bon Appetit Dec 2014

December 11th, 2014

It’s time to “deck the tables” with Bon Appetit’s holiday issue. Here’s what your customers may be asking for based on what they’ve read in BA. [level-members]

At the front, we have the BA Gift Guide which includes a page on bar wear. Zalto Universal wine glasses are lovely at $59 each and, at least when compared to the $13,500 Jim Meehan x Moore & Giles bar cart, a real bargain.

There’s some comfort food going on, with a beef and squash chili. Salt and Pepper Shrimp is another spicy dish that might call for beer or a crisp white, even in the dead of winter. Skillet roasted chicken, though, has “red wine” written all over it.

BA is also recommending that its readers might want to forget the Champagne on New Year’s Eve and opt for vodka (and caviar) instead. They include a recipe for making your own charred rosemary vodka, so having a few more than usual premium bottles in stock may make sense.

There’s also a Cashew Nut Nog that calls for dark or spiced rum.