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Wine Store Management: Using Video for Operations & Training

January 20th, 2015

Why write a training and operations manual for your wine shop when you can just as easily film it? [level-members]

Yes, some things should certainly be spelled out in the kind of detail that only a written document can do. But things like how to stock shelves, how to store inventory, even how to lock up for the night can be done more quickly – and are quicker to digest – when presented as short videos.

You don’t have to be Olivier or Pacino to make these work. (Though I imagine if you can pull off a good Christopher Walken impression, you’d have your audience’s attention for as long as you want it …) You just have to be clear and concise, which requires just a bit of forethought to plan out what points the video needs to make.

And no need for expensive equipment. The camera on your phone or tablet is probably up to the job  – though the more natural light you have, the better.

Give it a try. You’ll have more fun than you would writing up instructions, and your team will enjoy the process more, as well. [/level-members]