The Grapevine

Email Marketing for Your Wine Shop in 2015

January 21st, 2015

There’s no time like the present to improve your marketing for 2015, especially in January and February when things might be a bit slower in the shop. [level-members]

First, if you’ve given up on email marketing, un-give up on it. It’s not as sexy as social media, but it still works. (And it works symbioticallly with social media.) So don’t let your list go dormant, and don’t neglect efforts to build your list.

Use some down time to review your list and make sure it’s a “clean” list. Much of this is done for you automatically by the bigger email service providers, but you can still log in to check up on your list.

If you’re not using an email service provider, do. More of your emails will make it through to your intended recipients, which makes the few dollars a month a worthwhile expense. Add the analytics information on top of that, as well as cool features like A/B testing and list segmenting, and using MailChimp, iContact or a similar service a no-brainer.

And make sure your mailing format is mobile friendly. Most buisnesses are finding an increasing portion of their lists are viewing emails on the go. Your analytics data can tell you for sure.

Give some thought to the content you want to share. Is it interesting to your audience? (You can remind them of your weekly tastings, but that can’t be all you do. Use some of our Thursday and Friday “what they’re reading” and food & wine pairing ideas as a jumping off point. That’s what they’re there for.

And don’t forget to promote the content you’re creating by adding it to your website and promoting it through your social media channels.