The Grapevine

What Your Wine Shop Customers are Reading: Epicurious, Etc.

February 12th, 2015

A few ideas for content that will be of interest to your wine shop audience this week: Super-Tuscans, Italian wines more generally, and red-wine headaches. [level-members]

First, from Epicurious, we have┬áthe “TOP 5 AFFORDABLE SUPER-TUSCAN WINES.” We’ll add a bit of a disclaimer. $12 is pretty affordable for most wine buyers. $80, not so much. Still, an interesting read worth sharing with your shop customers.

Next, Michael Apstein in WineReviewOnline takes a look at why Italian wines are so popular. It doesn’t hurt that Americans love Italian food.

Finally, from The Gray Report, we get a look into why red wine causes headaches. The short answer: nobody knows. (Sulfites are commonly cited as the cause, but it’s known that sulfites are not the culprit.) An interesting theory is offered up, though not proven. (I’m rooting for it to be correct, though, as it might encourage some of our New World style vintners to back off a bit.)