The Grapevine

Wine Industry News: Mexico and the Midwest

February 16th, 2015

This week’s wine industry news comes from not one, but two unlikely locales: Mexico and the Midwest. [level-members]

The Mother Nature Network site let’s us know that this is such a thing as Mexican wine, and it’s good. Not surprising that there is such a thing – after all, wine is produced in all 50 US states. We’ll reserve judgement on whether it’s good until after we’ve sampled it. [Bad joke alert] It has to be better than the water, right? Read the full article on Mexican wine here.

And if you find yourself in the great Omaha area, be sure to check out the Grape Growers Forum and Trade Show. As mentioned above, wine grapes are grown in all 5o states. This show has been around for 15 years.