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Partner Your Wine Shop with a Non-Profit

February 18th, 2015

Corporations don’t sponsor events and organizations because it feels good. They do it because it’s good business. Here’s what you can learn from them and use in your local wine shop. [level-members]

Of course, corporate sponsors don’t always partner with non-profits. They sponsor big events like the Super Bowl or golf tournaments because those events provide great exposure to their target markets. But they do sponsor non-profits for other reasons – namely, the good will it creates in the community.

Your charitable sponsorship can do both, to some extent. Ideally, you will focus on local groups or larger groups with a particularly strong presence in your area. You can donate products, your time and expertise, or even use of your shop, depending on the charity’s needs. (And, in that last case, your state and local laws and regulations.)

You may be limited by the charitable organizations that are located or active in your area, but whenever possible, you should sponsor organizations about whose mission you are passionate. Put that passion on display in your email marketing and social media and your customers and prospective customers will recognize your heartfelt commitment to causes close to your heart.