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Content for Your Wine Shop Customers – St. Joseph

February 19th, 2015

This week’s content tidbit for you to adapt for your website, email marketing, or social media takes a look at St. Joseph, a lesser-known appellation from the northern Rhône Valley. It may be just what your slightly (but not completely) adventurous wine shop customers may be looking for.  [level-members]

Given the familiarity most folks have with the Rhône Valley, St. Joseph is less of an out-there choice than, say, wines from Lebanon, but it’s still more appealing to someone looking for something new than would be Cote Rotie, say, or Hermitage.

The New York Times Wine School does a nice job of presenting this wine accessibly without talking down to clients who, if they’re interested in learning about wine at all – especially something outside the norm – are likely to have some pretty good fundamental wine knowledge.

Here’s the link. Share it, comment it, and make sure you’ve got some St. Joseph in stock.