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More Winter Food & Wine Pairings

March 6th, 2015

It seems we just can’t get this winter behind us, even with Daylight Savings Time staring us in the face. (Remember, you’ll wake up an our later than you think on Sunday morning …) Here are some recipes you might try to give winter one last kick toward the curb. [level-members]

The Food Network site offers this collection of wine-friendly winter recipe ideas. The red-wine braised short ribs would be a great choice, and we particularly like the advice to never cook with wine you wouldn’t drink. In most cases, you can buy an extra bottle of whatever the recipe calls for, use that in the recipe, and pair the rest with dinner. As foodies are likely to call it, “the flavor bridge.”

For vegetarians among us, or those looking to stay (partially) in touch with their inner kid, mac and cheese is a good choice, especially paired with a rich white like a California Chardonnay.

We’ll skip their recommendation for chili with a big red – and we’ll drink red wine with just about anything – but meatloaf and a well-rounded red make perfect sense.

There’s more to the article so be sure to explore the link above. And keep thinking warm thoughts. Spring is close, very close …