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Renaissance Wine Men: Content Ideas for Your Wine Shop Customers

March 12th, 2015

Given how far we’ve come since the Renaissance, I always find it curious how eager people are to become Renaissance men and women. Here’s a somewhat cheeky look at helping your wine shop customers learn more about wine. [level-members]

The Modern Day Renaissance Man website claims to cover “Everything the Modern Man Should Be, Do, and Know.” OK, then, let’s talk about wine.

The article gets it mostly right – it would be great if we could all just stop the whole inflexible “red with meat, white with fish” thing – and you might find a humorous way to turn the “wine drinking rituals” section into a series of social media posts.

For example, you might post this:

No, those legs weren’t made for walking – and shouldn’t have you walking either.

You can follow that up with a quick note on what a wine’s legs are, the fact that they do NOT relate at all to a wine’s quality, but that they can relate to alcohol content or sweetness.

Have fun with these and you can turn them into a week or more’s worth of great content.