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Powdered Alcohol Bans, Vineyard Environmentalism

March 30th, 2015

Here’s wine industry news from the past week that may be useful in your content marketing. [level-members]

Well, that didn’t take long. Oregon is set to join five other states in the US that have already banned the sale of powdered alcohol. I’m generally a “live and let live” kind of guy – there’s a reason Prohibition didn’t work and why the war on drugs is a dismal failure – but I’m not so sure powdered alcohol is something to rush into without some thought and control. Not that that’s so likely …

More available here from the KOIN-TV website.

In happier news, South African vintners are doing such a great job in their conservation efforts, that environmentalists feel they can end their educational efforts. The WWF-South Africa is endorsing the “Sustainabile Wines South Africa”seal, an industry designation that aims to demonstrate an estate’s environmental responsibility.

Conservation efforts have been widespread with large numbers of wineries investing “a lot of money into rehabilitation of the natural environment on their farms” according to André Morgenthal, a spokesman for WWF-South Africa. Read more here.