The Grapevine

Innovations in Retail for Your Wine Shop

April 3rd, 2015

Retail is a changing game – no need to tell you that – and the increased sophistication of mobile options means the pace of change is only accelarating. Here are a few ideas you might consider adapting for your wine shop from the wider world of retail. [level-members]

RFID tags are wireless tags that let you track inventory not just in your shop but thorughout the supply chain. Perhaps not as useful for small shops, this is still a potentially interesting and engaging way to let folks know what’s in stock and what’s coming. And that’s something you might consider doing in less tech-reliant ways. The goal is to engage, since that’s local retail’s great advantage over mobile commerce.

Social Media Integration
One more reason to get active on social media: displaying “the wisdom of the crowd” in the form of Facebook likes or other social proof for a particular wine is a great way to engage your customers. And it can be a nice counterpoint to shelf talkers that tout “staff picks.” (And those staff picks are a great choice, too.)

Social Media, Part Two
You can also let social media guide your purchasing. Yes, your sales data will tell you what people are buying – and therefore, what you should be selling – but if you don’t have it in the shop, you can’t sell it. Ask your customers and they’ll give you insights. Social media makes that easier.

The most important idea uniting all of these innovations is the need to continually improve your shopping experience for your customers. They have an increasing number of options, and you won’t always be the cheapest or most convenient. Make sure you give them another reason to choose your shop.