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More Innovations in Retail for Wine Shop Owners

April 8th, 2015

Following up on last week’s post on retail trends you should be paying attention to for your wine shop, we have yet another collection of trends to ponder. This group is all tech-related. [level-members]

These come from a Forbes article that discusses the ways in which retailers will try to hold their own against online competitors. Some are tools that help retailers come to grips with the reality that consumer attitudes have changed and that the web is a formidable competitor. (I just placed an Amazon orderĀ on a Saturday afternoon. It arrived on Monday morning! And it was half the price of the same product locally. I love supporting my local shops, but they have to be reasonably competitive.)

Give these a read with an open mind. Many are years off for small retailers, but make no mistake: even though some will disappear quietly, others will transform the way we interact with our customers.