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What Your Wine Shop Customers Are Reading: Bon Appetit, April 2015

April 9th, 2015

Bon Appetit for April 2015 promises to teach you how to cook like a pro. I’m not sure my martini needs to be stirred 50 times and I’m probably never going to deep fry a steak, but let’s dig a bit deeper before getting all judg-y. [level-members]

Let’s just skip right to that martini thing. You  might want to stock up on gin and make the idea of real martini experimentation part of your email or social media content this week. The nicest part of the piece is the little pairing chart. Plymouth gin goes with Dolin vermouth. Bombay pairs with Martini & Rossi Extra Dry. Fords and Noilly Prat, Tanqueray or Beefeater work nicely with Noilly Prat, as well.

And they really do mean it about stirring 50 times. Makes the drink nice and frosty cold without overly diluting it.

You might also want to borrow their instructional on how to properly do  the lemon twist thing. Most folks we’ve seen do it wrong.

There’s also a nice bit on the next wave of wine bars which outdo their predecessors by actually being fun. Less likely to lecture and much  more prone to the kinds of casual tasting that regular bars provide, the new wine bars are much less formal.

The column alas includes a sidebar on breaking out of your wine rut. If you’re a habitual Sauvignon Blanc drinker looking for a change, try Chenin Blanc. Aligoté makes a nice change from Chard. Cot is the French alternative to Argentine Malbecs and, my favorite, if you’re tired of your Napa Cabs give Cab Franc a try. Two Loire mainstays in one column? Pinch me!