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It’s Not the (Wine) Product, It’s the (Wine) Experience

April 14th, 2015

It’s worth it for us to take a page from luxury retailers who understand that in an age of incredible price competition, convenience, and choice, you have to offer more than just the products on your shelf. [level-members]

There will always be someone who can offer it cheaper, deliver it faster, or who has a broader selection. How do you compete against that? By offering something different – a more personalized experience, an experience that is about the enjoyment of your product rather than the product itself, an experience that stands on its own as something worth paying for.

Because the truth of the matter is, your customers are paying for the experience: if they can get it cheaper or faster or more conveniently online or elsewhere, there’s something about what you’re offering that makes it worth the premium you’re charging. Focus on what that is and offer more of it.

Here’s an article that should spark some additional “retail experience” ideas.