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Email Marketing for Wine Shops

April 15th, 2015

Email marketing isn’t as sexy as social media or even SEO, but it’s never stopped being relevant, and it’s about to gain even more strength. Here’s why. [level-members]

Email has always been an ¬†important part of digital marketing. Once you’ve attracted your audience it’s a way to stay top of mind during the quieter periods in the customer’s buying process. And, of course, it can also help spur that buying process.

With the increasing prevalence of mobile email, email marketing’s power will only increase. Trends you should be looking for include video embedded in email, proximity marketing / geolocation that allows you to target customers when they’re in the neighborhood (or when they’re nearing a competitor’s shop!), and an increase in the ease of implementing transactional emails.

Read more here, and keep an open mind as you consider when technologies that at first seem intrusive move beyond the “that’s creepy” stage and into the mainstream.