The Grapevine

Winning Customer Hearts by Adding Value

April 28th, 2015

If all your wine shop does is sell wine, you’re missing an opportunity to create more passionate customers. This isn’t about selling beer or corkscrews It’s about adding value. [level-members]

Adding value beyond the products you sell can take on many forms. It can be the nearly unbelievable level of customer service or which Nordstrom’s and Zappos have become famous. It can mean the context and meaning that companies like Tom’s build around their products. Or it can mean selling wine with a point of view – a point of view about wine styles or wine regions or wine as an accompaniment to food and a part of every day life.

The goal is to find customers who are interested in buying into a set of shared values by adding significance to the products you sell. This may all sound very high-falutin’ but it’s really as simple as providing food and wine pairings, or suggesting a progression of wines to taste to a customer who is just beginning to explore the world of wine.

Succeeding at this means your shop stands as something other than “just” a commercial enterprise and becomes something that your customers can create an emotional connection to. That’s how brands build value and how you create customers for life.