The Grapevine

Food & Wine Pairings: Steak and Anything But Cabernet

May 8th, 2015

Since we were talking about steakhouses that are breaking with wine list traditions yesterday, we thought we’d do the same today for folks who might be dining at home. [level-members]

For clients looking for great value, reds from Portugal’s Doura can be a nice alternative to pricey Napa cabernets. Syrah from California’s central coast fit that same bill (with an entirely different appeal), as do new world blends that might include zinfandel in the mix.

Zins and Syrah definitely make the list if you’re grilling that steak. Merlot might be the way to go if you’re grilling your steak with a spicy sauce of some kind.

And even though we’re talking about steaks, I can’t resist including¬†Rootstock Cellars’ Cheeseburger Red. Might be an excuse to grind some of that sirloin and make a better burger …