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Domestic Wines Gain Ground That Imports are Losing

May 11th, 2015

With harvests on the rise, particularly in California, US domestic wine is growing at the expense of imports, but that trend is not consistent across the industry. [level-members]

Shanken News Daily reported that imports declined by nearly 6%, following the trend over most of the last half decade. (The data is from Impact Databank.) Still, the US is an important market for wine importers sheerly based on size. (The US is not even close to #1 per capita, but is #1 in overall consumption.)

Imports fair better at the very top end of the market, where market share has not been impacted in the same way.

Speaking of imports, Palate Press gives us a taste of how the 2014 Bordeaux bottlings might taste. In a nutshell, their thoughts:

Over all, this seems to be a vintage where there is plenty of fruit as a component, also nice lively acidity, and some structure: wines that will be bright and very good to drink in a relatively few years, and may not age as well as other vintages.

You can read the full article here.