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Sicilian Wines for a Sicilian Dinner

May 22nd, 2015

I left a voice mail for a friend in Philadelphia only to have him respond that email was better for him right now as he was in Rome and on his way to Sicily. Lucky fellow. And lucky for you, that inspired me to find this bit of food & wine pairing magic. [level-members]

Now, certainly it’s not often that many of us finding ourselves in need of wines for a seven-course meal, but the food and wine pairing ideas in this Palate Press piece can work on their own, or as part of a more modest (3-course?) tasting extravaganza.

I love the idea of starting the evening off with some sparkling wine instead of a cocktail – that’s even more true if it’s an afternoon meal. And there are some very interesting wines being recommended – especially good for those customers you have who are looking to break out of a wine rut.

He does note that for the 2014 vintage, Sicily is one of the few bright spots in Italy.