The Grapevine

There is no Rational Retail Mind: Emotion Trumps All

June 24th, 2015

We’re tempted to attribute the recent research findings we came across to Captain Obvious, but the findings really aren’t as obvious as they should be to too many wine retailers. [level-members]

Forrester Research has recently reported that though consumers think they are motivated by rational thought, many of their buying decisions are made emotionally. This is true for everything from cars – is Audi really better than BMW? Or vice versa? – to candy bars. Being aware of this and using it to your advantage is an important part of a local retailer’s marketing arsenal.

As we discussed last week, making the emotional connection with your customers is a great way – and perhaps the only way – to fight off competition based on price, broader selection, and convenience. Stepping into your shop should be a fun and engaging experience for every customer you value. (By the way, it’s OK to not value every customer. Some simply aren’t worth the trouble or aren’t a good fit for the business you’re building.)

Most importantly, is the influence emotions have on customer loyalty. To quote the Forrester study,

“Emotion is often the primary factor influencing customer loyalty.”

So if you want them to come back, forget the facts and figures and rational reasons you’re the best choice for them for their wine-buying needs. Appeal to their emotions and connect with them on a more personal – and profitable – level.