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Food & Wine Pairing: Mixed Grill

July 24th, 2015

Some summer weekends call for the good old mixed grill. Here are some of the versions we love, along with wine pairing ideas to match. [level-members]

Because there are so many variations on the mixed grill theme, there’s no blanket recommendations to be made when it comes to wine.

Crisp white can be a great choice, as can sparklers if you’re not going to heavy on the meats, or on the heat.

Otherwise, Zinfandel is an all-time favorite. Rhones and Rhone-style wines can be a great match for mixed grill with a vinegar/sweet-tomato-based barbecue sauce. Really it all comes down to the sauce, the protein you’re slathering it on, and your own preferences. More heat, though, means the wine has to be able to stand up to it.

A few mixed grill recipes you might consider:





Mixed Grill with Rib Eyes, Sausages and Bacon Chops