The Grapevine

Millennials Matter: Appealing to the Younger Generation

July 29th, 2015

You may not be sporting skinny jeans, a well “curated” beard, and super funky glasses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appeal to the younger set. [level-members]

In fact, you don’t have to be them to appeal to them. You simply have to pay attention. Millennials are a growing economic force in the US and need to be addressed just as we addressed the enormous Baby Boom generation. Obviously, the importance of Millennials to your business will depend a great deal on where your shop is located. But even in sleepy suburbs far from the epicenters of hipdom like Brooklyn and Oakland, these younger consumers are having an impact.

The biggest impact is probably in their greater interest in experience than ownership. They travel, they pay attention to backstory and history, which makes branding so much more important. They embrace their own discoveries more than mass-merchandised products. And that’s great news for you if you also forego mass-market wines in favor of a more “bespoke” (to use a word popular with this crowd) selection of interesting wines.

Tell your story well and it won’t be just the Baby boomers who are listening.