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What They’re Reading: Bon Appetit, August 2015

July 30th, 2015

The August issue of Bon Appetit is here, and boy is it annoying. [level-members]

Not the whole issue, really. Just the cover. Not that I’m against interesting ways to increase your revenue, but turning the entire cover into an ad? Really? It’s come to that!? Sheesh.

Once you paw your way through the glue and overlay, you find that this issue is all about the tomato. Nice!

Right up front, we have a piece on summer drinking. The Shrub may have your customers asking for, well, just about anything to pair with fruit and vinegar syrups that form the basis of a good shrub.

The Swizzle also gets its moment. Stock up on the rum. And swizzle sticks or long-handled bar spoons, if you can.

And then there’s the Spritz. Not our favorite drink, though their warm-weather drinking philosophy isn’t far off. (When in doubt, add bubbles.) We adapt it to just drinking bubbles rather than mixing them, but that’s just us. Just about anything can be Spritzed – from Countreau to Cassis, from Sloe Gin to St-Germain.

Not drinks related, but BA does a short spot on high-power, outdoor propane burners. We got one as a wedding gift from a southern friend and Louisiana-style crab boils have been a staple ever since. Beer or bubbles highly recommended …