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Wine Industry News – Washington Harvest, Randall Grahm’s Next Big Thing

August 10th, 2015

Randall Grahm, founder of Boony Doon, has a new project underway. And the harvest in Washington State is underway, as well – historically early. [level-members]

Not content to talk about terroir and his philosophical approach to winemaking, Randall Grahm has started a project – currently seeking crowd funding – to create grape varietal hybrids that are drought-resistant and more able to thrive as climate change upends the California wine industry.

In addition to crowdsourcing the funding needed, he’s pledged to make this an open source project: the findings will be shared with others to create “a rich legacy for the next generation of grape growers and wine drinkers.” Read the full article here.

Meanwhile, in Washington State, the harvest is already underway and the early start is historically early. Climate change or just the variability of Mother Nature? Read the full article here.